Sunday, January 19, 2014

The girls are back!!!

 After a long holiday hiatus,my crafty friends manage to get together for our weekly knitting get together.We were 10 brave souls who weathered some pretty cold weather to talk about family gatherings and new projects that we hope to do.

Looks like the holidays didn't stop them from knocking those needles.........

DEB 4th on the right tackled her first felting project and made this great courier style bag. He advice to newbie felter...............she had to run it through the washer 3 times to get the proper felting texture. So if you plan on doing a similar project ............don't panic if it doesn't come out the first time.

GISELE ,at the very end of the table brought in a gorgeous cotton knit sweater that she had made for her grand daughter.

A simple basket weave pattern highlighted the soft pastel colors that made up the yarn.Nice work Gisele.

CINDY S. 2nd on the left was busy making birthday gifts.......This little lobster to be is going to make a little girl very happy.

If that doesn't do the trick about these bunny slippers. I need to get this pattern from her. I know a few little girls who would be hopping all over their home with a pair of these.An added feature that she came up with was to put indoor/outdoor sealant on the undersole  to keep the slippers skid proof.You can find this in most hardware stores. I found this one at my local dollar store for $1.75 per tube. We all know how they run around and safety first with the little ones is a priority. Have to brag here. She was recently published at Knit Pick yarns when she created THIS PATTERN Kudos to you Cyndi........we are most proud.
                                                 Pretty clever right? ......said the hobbit

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