Saturday, May 30, 2009

happenings on the farm

This is part of the field that I can see when I'm working at the farm

You can just barely see the tractor turning over the soil.Rye had been planted as nourishment and now it was time to work it into the field. I love seeing that shade of green pop up before anything else has come to life.It almost seems disappointing to see the dark soil brought to the surface but it's a necessary thing.

Just where the green meets the brown soil I spotted someone standing and could not figure out what he would be doing out there.When I got back to the barn I was informed that 3 men from the Civil War society had asked for permission to follow the tractor in hopes of finding bullets or button artifacts from battles that they have documented as being on this property. They spent the better part of the afternoon following the tractors with metal detectors in hand. We kind of chuckled at their efforts.The Tuttles have been Quakers and the thought of them going to war was out of the question. However,it seems someone was out there doing battle because they located 3 bullets and as soon as they are authenticated one will be giving to the children as part of their heritage.I guess you just never know.

On to my brothers farm.Remember this sheep.I told you I was sure it had a name but, couldn't remember.Well would you believe that there are 2 just like this and they were called "the hobbits".My sister-in-law named them this because every time she let them out,they took off to the furthest meadow and out of sight.At the end of the day she would have to send the dog to fetch them back. After going to the edge of the field and saying "go get em"on more then one day,she soon realized that when she said this they would poke their heads up and start the walk home.One day she didn't send the dog but, called out "go get em".They came running home on their own,and,will be forever known as the "go get em" sisters. And that is the tale of my namesakes........................said the hobbit


GloamingDesigns said...

hi! i loooove the story of the go get 'em girls - hysterical!! happy june to you there in beautiful new england.

Connie said...

Isn't it amazing that they learned to come on 'go get'em! That is great - so you have fun namesakes!!

Also neat memory for you family and the past history of your farm. I guess we never learn it all.