Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little more of

Here we are back in the big city.I'm trying to catch up to all that has happened these past few weeks and it really has been quite the whirlwind.Everyday I have 3 or 4 things I want to tell you however there just doesn't seem to be enough time.As I mentioned before we stayed at the Hyatt next door to Grand Central Station.If you like to shop,you could spend the day at the station and not see everything there. I chose one shop to explore completely and will save the rest for future trips. I obviously plan on going to the city for at least another 100 times or so.
This trip I chose Pylones This is an adorable shop with things just a little quirky.You know we all have those friends who appreciate a purchased gift with it's own special panache.One of my gardening friends will surely like these trimming clippers and I doubt if they will ever misplace them when they lay them down in the grass.They kind of reminded me of the movie Beetlejuice.
Then I spotted this roly -poly sugar dispenser.Some of his squares are clear so you can see the sugar .His head is the cap and the spout is his crown.I couldn't resist.I'm sure he'll make a great gift for someone.Hmm let's see who will it be? The Hobbit is sworn to secrecy.Although a really good eclair can make her spill all.Don't tell her you heard it from me.After going through all the goodies I had to go to Sullivan street in the village. There I went to my favorite shop ,Purl Soho.

They actually have 2 shops .One is for fabric and the other is for yarns.They are 2 doors apart but, on the same street.When I first knew I would be in the city I had hoped to attend a class with Betz White the author of Sewing Green.Due to Hubby being a little slow with the details of our trip I was unable to register.While perusing the fabrics I lamenting my misfortune and told the salesclerk how sorry I was to have missed out on meeting her.You guessed it, I was telling my tale of woe to none other then the author herself.We had a good laugh about it and I soon discovered that she will be in N.H. for a class this summer.All is well in my world.I couldn't resist purchasing a few yards of fabric.Red and white is my favorite so that will be for me and the children's print will make something special for Isabella ,who is 6 months old. I hope to get something done up for those summer strolls on the beach. Well that will have to do for today. It was Mothers Day and I hope you all had a great one. I know I did.I have 4 children and every one of them called or saw me today.What more could I ask for............said the Hobbit


Betz White said...

Great to meet you! Hope you can make it to Squam!

Connie said...

I have been back here 3 times to finish reading this blog. For some reason I kept getting interrupted.

Am so glad you had a nice Mothers Day and what a fun trip you had - loved the handles on the snippers!