Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday night Stitch&Bitch

Well thank goodness stitch&bitch is still alive and well.The pace has been so busy ,busy around here that we need it to keep our sanity. When we started meeting almost two years ago, the main reason was that Donna wanted to learn to knit. We taught her the basic knit and purl stitches and she went to town on scarves. Two maybe three of them and she kept them four to five inches wide.Since then we have talked of moving on to a more difficult project.This is her perusing a knitting book,looking for the just right hat as her next project.In her defense I must say she has had a few interruptions. There have been surgeries ,storms,family celebrations not to mention the family cat that was determined to eat every ball of really good yarn she invested in.

Donna would like to do a hat because she has watched us knit on four and five needles while doing our socks and she feels she is ready for this.Here she is casting on her stitches on a pair of #four circular needles.This is another first for her.The pattern asked for 91 stitches which I thought sounded a little tight for circulars.Sooo while she was casting I checked the pattern and
discovered that it was written for 2 straight needles. Donna always says "that's ok honey we'll work around it".I explained there would no longer be a ws as she was now working rs only.She said I can remember that. Then asked "What is ws and rs.?"Once past that lesson we took a break for a well deserved scone with butter mmm.She left for home and told me she'd have progress to show next time we met. I love her,such a positive attitude.I think I'll put a pair of #four straight needles in my bag.Just in case she might need them.One should always be prepared to help a friend.

Here is Sharlene's latest sock.A few of the girls have been using the self designing yarns.I just love this color combination,it always amazes me to see how varied the patterns are.This pale pink ,off white and forest green is one of my favorites.

Sarah is getting ready for a move so she has taken up the jumbo needles and is making soft comfy scarves with all the leftover yarns that would not otherwise be used.Waste not want not.Way to go girls.................................said the hobbit.

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Jnette said...

Sounds like you ladies have an awesome evening out together :)