Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year everyone

I had to let you know that all went well at the Christmas party.Forty members of my husbands family attended. Having just lost their mother, I think it was good that we made the effort to be together for this holiday. As you can see all eyes were focused on the very entertaining Yankee swap that was going on.I am not often able to go to this event,but it seems there is a honey pot that has been going around for a few years.One who should have known better had just picked it up because of it's oh so beautiful wrapping. You can always tell a blogger when you see one. That would be the youngest
ayah the one with the camera hanging from her neck. Having a great time but of course always ready to catch the perfect picture.
So much happened just before Christmas that I never had the chance to tell you about the ornament exchange. This is the second year that I participate. I signed up with swap-bot in November and received a list of 10 people that I had to send an ornament to.We had no power for 6 long days and although I sent my crafts out I failed to get photos. These are a few of the ones I received. The little white guy is called icicle man and came from Belgium his face is embroidered and his is done with meticulous stitching. The little plaid boot is called a Willie and comes by way of England.The tiny mittens,so small they may have been knit on finishing nails came from neighboring Massachusetts. The others didn't make this photo op. I thought I had squeezed them all into the shot but,I see some are not in view. Perhaps another day.
I know everyone has probably made New Years resolution. I can never seem to go there. My plan is to take everyday as it comes and make the most of it. I hope to be a little more involved in this blogging thing and to focus more on real projects instead of just constantly rambling along. Well ta ta for now, everyone put your aprons on because tomorrow we are making cookies..................said the hobbit

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