Friday, January 16, 2009

Knitting goodness.

Once again it's time for our Tuesday night stitch and Bitch.I have to say I felt this week was quite productive. As I mentioned, we are all intent on being more local and handmade with our Christmas 2009 so there is much discussion on what is practical and pretty and will be well received. We started with showing different patterns we are considering and checking on new terms we are seeing for the first time. Patterns are now being shared all over the world and sometimes the terminology is not so easy to understand. The question here was what do they mean when they say Row 2&4 should be done in the edge stitch. I'm thinking all little more info would have been nice. After hearing every one's
interpretation I think Sharlene[hand to mouth in
this picture] was on edge.

Some of my group members are just getting out of work and not always ready to pick-up sharp objects and be creative so, this week we started a little game to warm-up our creative juices.We have these little writing pads to keep track of our brilliant ideas. One person draws something and then the pad is passed around so everyone can add to it. Not exactly earth-moving creativity but, none the less it put us in the right frame of mind. As you see we were very secretive in our efforts.

Now our Michelle didn't need any pushing to be on the right track. She started this sweater before the holidays. It's a present to herself and you know how that goes. She had a busy schedule and hadn't taken the time to read the pattern thru . That meant she kept doing the neck part incorrectly over and over till she finally had it and put it away for about a month.As you can see it was the right thing to do. She is on a roll now and I expect the next time I see this sweater she will be wearing it. Well at least have it ready to block.
Soon I'll be able to give you her blog so we can all welcome her to this community. She is also at starting an Etsy shop. I'm telling you this is quite
the group.
We did a group photo Tuesday because Stephanie[row 2 navy sweater] is moving up to Freeport Me. This was her last meeting for awhile. I hope she will continue her crafts and send us pictures that we can pass along. On her left is a new member, Renee , yes that would be my daughter.She just recently decided to pick-up the knitting needles and we are hoping we can help her with whatever it takes to keep her in the loop. That would be 'the pretzel" to her. You see Renee has her own vocab for knitting terms so, we'll all be on a learning curve. Should be fun!
3rd row is also new to the group.Kim with black hat is a student at U.N.H. and sometimes works in the garden area at Tuttle's Red Barn
Cindy also in the 3rd row just walked in on us one day. Her daughter is on the swim team in our town and she needed a place to use up about 2 hours of her time. I think we were the lucky ones she is very talented. Her choice of patterns and colors tells me she will be very helpful to all of us.
I'm still working on Aaron's' sweater so I think I best be heading downstairs to see if I can possibly get this done tonight..................said the hobbit

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