Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tea for two or maybe four

Eating out of the pantry can make a person very thirsty so I thought I'd share my special tea with you. I actually stopped buying soda for myself several years ago and got in the habit of having this in the fridge year round.It's very simple to make so here goes.
First I slice 12--15 slices of fresh ginger and put them in about 2 inches of water.When the water starts to boil I put 8 teabags in.It really doesn't matter what kind. Just old fashion regular tea bags. I use Tetley English blend. I let this simmer for 15-20 minutes.
While this is simmering I squeeze the juice out of one lemon and two limes. Limes are not always easy so I put the lime in between my tongs and give it a good squeeze to break things up. Then it's usually ready to give up any juices it might have.

As you can see this works pretty well. The lemon and 2 limes usually give me about 1/3 cup of juice.I also measure out a light cup of sugar.
When I think the tea has simmered long enough I remove the tea bags and stir in the sugar till dissolved. I fill my two 1Qt. containers with water and add that to the mix followed by the lemon lime juices.

Then I strain the mixture back into the Qt and voila I have a great tea just sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. There is always 1 or 2 extra glasses depending on how much water you boiled the teabags in. Well back to planning our Eating out of the pantry.My husband is getting into it but he keeps saying out of the closet.I think that's a whole different story.....................................said the hobbit

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Jnette said...

The tea looks very tastey! You have a great sense of humor. That is funny that your husband keeps saying out of the closet!
About the washclothes, my first few were 11 x 11 and yes,,, too heavy, big enough to wash the car with. I do love the knitted ones better, but I never learned how to knit. And so I bought a kit and it took forever to knit 3 inches. :P