Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not always sunny

Just a little insight to our lives. I wouldn't want you to think life is perfect here. Last week the Youngest had one of those sanity trying times where the bad stuff just doesn't seem to end. Some of us who have been around a little longer know everyone gets hit with this now and then.
Her car was booted[tire locked down till parking tickets are paid] she lost her job. Sign of the times lay-off,the check engine light went on in her hubbies car he himself developed an ulcer in his eye from wearing his contacts too long.Sooo as you can guess she was feeling pretty overwhelmed. One of the best cures for ones problems is to tell them to someone who is willing to listen. Someone who always will see your side of the story,and just be there.This is one of a mothers many duties. After giving it a little thought we decided to vent at the Golden Egg.After all if your going thru all this trama you should surround yourself with more pleasant things like food that you didn't have to lift a finger to prepare. As the listener I too needed to be treated in a special way.
This is the perfect place to put your mind in a good karma. Our family has a special feeling about breakfast.It's like a new beginning where what you put on your plate sets the mood for the rest of the day. Just look at that cinnamon roll,it's screaming "the good stuff is about to begin" The coffee cups were always being filled and the girls at the diner ,very attentive as usual.
A waffle with fresh fruit was ordered and this is what arrived. I know ,I know ,it's all out of season but, sometimes you just need to break the rules. You should have seen the waitress when we pulled out the camera to take this picture. It made us laugh and chuckle right to the very last dribble of syrup in the plate.My order was egg and toast.No need to photo just the same old same old. I don't need excitement just nourishment. It's 10 days later now and things are looking better. A new job has begun with BOSTON BALLET and everything that happened will soon go under the heading of "do you remember when". As a mother all of your children's problems weigh heavy on your heart but, the joy is in watching them attack these problems and come out smiling.

Now here's something that will put a smile on your face. Yes this is Aaron. It was really ,really cold out when they snapped this picture .Isn't he a cutie .............said the hobbit

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GenerallyGemma said...

She does seem to have had a hell of a time recently. It's just as well she has such a lovely Mummy to help her see it all through!