Friday, January 2, 2009


I know cookies are probable the last thing you want to bake right now.However I started my eating out of the pantry a little sooner than expected. I had planned on this project for February ,but,when hours being cut at the farm for the next few months I figured now is as good a time as any. So I went to the closet and checked my old recipes and decided on Molasses cookies .As you can see this recipe has been around awhile. I use to have a habit of putting the year I first made something in the upper left hand corner.It says 1969. Yes I've made it since then. Getting my husband to eat what's available in the pantry is only possible if I keep it somewhat familiar,have dessert available at all times and have a big bowl of popcorn ready and waiting when he get home.

The ingredients are simple:3/4 cup of shortening [remember it's 1969]

1 cup of sugar

1/4 cup molasses

1 egg

2cups flour

2 teas baking soda

1 teas cinnamon

1/2 teas salt,ground clove,ginger

I mixed and sifted all my dry ingredients then creamed the shortening with sugar.

Then I added the molasses and the egg, mixed well ,sifted the dry into the wet ingredients and chilled the batter while I cleaned my tiny work area for the next step.

I made walnut size balls of dough and rolled them in sugar.I like dropping a few in a bowl and swirling them around till covered. Keep the hands a bit cleaner. I tend to wipe my hands on my jeans while cooking. I know I should wear an apron. I have many but, I hate to get them dirty.They look so nice hanging on the kitchen hook. That way if someone comes over while I'm cooking I can whip one on. I look like a super neat cook and it hides all the food wipes on my jeans. Works for me. Alright back to the cookies. I put them on a cookie sheet 2 inches apart and baked at 375 for 8/9 min. The recipe says on a greased cookie sheet. The first batch I sprayed the sheet with pam.The second batch I used my silk-pat to see if there was a difference. Definitely go with the silk-pat if you have one. Cookies started to stick with the pam as they cooled.Second batch just dropped off.

So there you have it . One batch of cookies and one batch of popcorn leftover chicken stew and no trip to the grocery store. Day one is now a fait accompli and I haven't spent a penny .....................said the hobbit


Jnette said...

Funny thing, out of the blue, my daughter today was asking me what molasses was. We told her that it is very good in cookies! Now I want to make them :)

Nin said...

Oooh yummy! I've been off cookies for ages, but now all of a sudden you've put me in the mood!