Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tuesday night stitch and bitch

Well here we are,ready to set the world on fire at Stitch and Bitch. Tuesday night is a nice way of getting together and sharing our highs and lows. Because of bad weather and the holidays,we have not been able to meet for 5 weeks. We had many things to share so it was a full house. This is Betty she is working an a hat here but her good news is that she is going to be a ya ya (gramme) again in February she and her quilting friends will be making a baby quilt this week to welcome the new baby. We don't work quite that fast. I hope to have a little something finish by March maybe sooner.

Donna is holding a scarf that she has been working on for the past year. As you can see she has progressed all of an inch. We try not to push our beginners too hard.She has an excuse. She has been in and out of the doctors office for the past few months. If there is a flu bug around Donna's been only too kind to give it a home.
We all agreed that this year we would like to participate in the ornament swap that was held at Swap-bot.This is such a great site to meet and exchange all kinds of crafts with people from all over the world. Everyone brought an idea for a Christmas ornament and hopefully by next week we will be able to start working on them. Sarah of course was ahead of the game and was knitting the cutest little mittens red and white my favorite colors. That girl is just crazy about Christmas.Check out her site. She has a great craft-along that everyone can participate in.

This is my offering for the week. Hard to tell but this is a baby sweater for our little Aaron. The pattern starts at the front center and then is knit sideways right to left. You have no seams as the sleeves are joined with a Kitchener stitch. I'll be sure to have more pictures as the sweater comes along.
I am still living out of the pantry and have spent a total of $17 .This is more than I wanted.I was hoping for an average of a dollar a day. We'll see what I average out for the month. But more on that later.I don't want to tell you all today...............said the hobbit

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The Urban Hippie said...

sorry I missed stitch n bitch. still sick - but went to the docs on thursday...i'll be there next week.

I'm sorry but the post of the scarf being worked on for a year made me laugh out loud...