Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh Oh no coffee!!!!!

Well ,it was bound to happen. I've been so tight with the dollars trying to get that $1 a day average ,that I didn't realize just how low I was on coffee. It seems there is just enough to brew about 1/2 a pot. There are only a few days left in the month and I really want to do this,so, this morning I skipped my cup of coffee. AWWW !!! Not an easy thing but I did make it through the day.

For some strange reason I can not drink tea in the morning. It's fine in the afternoon or evening but in the am oh my God it's like morning sickness.
I don't know anyone who would do that willingly. For that reason it was hot water and lemon to accompany my banana muffins today. Thoughts of coffee crept in occasionally, I had to fight off those caffeine demons once or twice, however here I am none the worst for wear.

Started my day with packing up my soups for delivery and spent pleasant time with my customers. Came home and finally finished Aaron's sweater. Although I love this pattern I often had very naughty things to say about this sweater. It has no seams,that's a good thing it starts at the right flap and you knit around the body in a circular fashion. You add stitches for the sleeves and then join from cuff to shoulder with the Kirchener stitch. Here's the problem. The pattern has you cast on 52 stitches for the right sleeve and 59 stitches for the left. There is no way both sleeves will be the same size if you follow these directions. Another twist is that it was originally written in German and literally translated to English. It took me a few reading to figure out the private side of the sweater also known as the wrong side in English.I wish I had been as quick with the sleeve thing. The sweater was done about 5 times before I realized the reason the sleeves were not the same size was because the pattern was incorrect. Jiggy [the hubbie] would moan every time I ripped it,and say "no I can't watch you do it again" Waaa. I was sure that I had miss-counted and did several rows more then once. I'm very patience with things like that,but anyhow the sweater is done. It looks like a Chinese jacket with a front overlap. I used a river stone glued to a brad as a button to give it a tied to the earth kind of look. Because of the ripple stitching the sweater can actually grow with the child, at least that's what they say. I might try to enlarge the sweater for myself and give that a go. Right now I don't think Jiggy can take the pressure so we'll put that on hold.
This little mitten and hearts is a first attempt by one of the Tuesday night S &B girls.

Chris doesn't like to meet with us because she doesn't have a hand held project. Collage is more her medium however this year we tempted her with thought of Making her own Christmas decorations and after some deliberation we decided on felting as a new art for her.This is her first go at it and I think she may have found something that suits her needs. She is using roving cookie cutters and felting needles and learning new terms in crafting .She is one happy camper right now. Kudos to Chris. Keep up the good work. And on that note I will leave you with a quote from Heywood " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." Ditto ........said the hobbit


S'mee said...

Although I have never been a coffee drinker I can still sympathize. Oy. This reminds me of that 'Murphy Brown' episode where she swears off coffee and then fun ensues! By the end of the episode she is going through such horrendous with drawls she does a hilarious monologue about the real Colombian drug lord being Juan Valdez!

Hope your situation is remedied soon. ; )

Jnette said...

That is interesting that you cannot drink hot tea in the morning, because I am that way with coffee. :) Hope you get more coffee soon. I have to read more about your $1 a day, it looks interesting.
The sweater is really beautiful, you have ALOT of patience!!
The felted pieces are very pretty!