Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pantry muffins

So today I needed to fix something healthy and
for breakfast. I checked out the pantry and took out everything that would be good in a muffin.
Bananas are always there for the taking at work.It seems transporting them to N.E. takes its toll on their appearance and people will not purchase bananas with big dark spots. Lucky employees get to take them home or they get tossed. After making a large basic banana muffin recipe I folded in leftover chopped dates, walnuts, a handful of granola, a little oatmeal and chocolate chips. I mixed it all together sprinkled a bit of extra oatmeal on top just to give it a finishing touch,then, popped them in the oven for about 22 minutes and out came 28 beautiful very
satisfying banana /what YOU got in YOUR pantry style muffins. Believe me these are just your average size muffins but, I doubt you could eat more than two of these little chunkers. So maybe you should check out your pantry and see would you would like to bite into for breakfast. We always seem to have just the right amount for a handful type snack however, no one ever thinks of going back to the pantry to actually have that little something.
Ok so give it a try and let me know what you come up with,and how you liked it.

This is the last of the Christmas 2008 that I will mention.These are ornaments given by friends and family .Sarah's little teabag-style deer in the woodland,Betty's cross-stitched joy with snowflakes Renee 's penguin standing on an icicle,this is solid glass,I could use it as a weapon it's that heavy. Last a star and snowman pin made by my friend Sue.She is currently enjoying warmer climates. She and her husband have a mobile home and when the cold weather sets in they are out of here.
Well I should be going now it's almost time to deliver my soups......said the hobbbit


S'mee said...

Those muffins look amazing! (Chocolate banana *and* walnuts???) This settles it. The house next door has been sitting empty for two years. 3 bed/2 bath front room, family room, finished garage, 3 sheds, little over 1/4 acre...

it's waiting for you.

and just to sweeten the deal: Today we are expecting a high of 78.

Renee said...

MOM - Who is this person trying to make you move to a warmer climate??????