Monday, January 12, 2009

Still talking about Christmas

Ok everyone I promised to show my Christmas goodies from my children and here they are. I'm always knitting socks for other people so my son decided to give me these polar fleece socks. He's not quite ready to pick up the needles himself I think this is as close as it will get. The little book in the back is a bragging book, that's right he's Aaron's dad and he wants to make sure I have something to carry those oh so sweet pictures that he plans on showering me with. Don't worry you'll get to see them too.

Son #2 knows how I love butter so he couldn't pass up the opportunity to get me this autographed copy of Paula Deens' book I haven't started it yet but, I hope to get to it soon.
Daughter #1 has taken an interest in knitting herself and just to make sure I stayed in the knitting loop she got some gorgeous yarn and even looked up a new pattern for me to try. Tuesday night she joined us at Stitch and Bitch she added plenty to our meeting. Hope she can find time to come again. More on that later,I'm trying to catch-up here.
I was checking my reader the other day and I came across something that might be of interest to some of you. Have any of you visited thelongthread she talks about a stuffed toy exchange similar to our ornament one we just had. Sounds like fun. Well I 'll be signing off now hope to get back tomorrow and catch you up on my "eating out of the pantry" adventure. In fact I'm headed there right now to see what I can find..................said the hobbit

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